Thursday, 12 June 2014

October War: Israeli Mechanised Infantry Platoons

I managed to finish another ten GHQ M3 half tracks yesterday which will form two platoons, the bulk of my IDF mechanised infantry company.

Identical paint scheme to the Recon Platoon I finished last weekend, the infantry to accompany them have been ordered from Heroics & Ros - my first H&R order in, I suspect, thirty years!  Last time I had to hand write the order, write a cheque, find an envelope and stamp then post it! Thank God for PayPal! :-)

Painting Target: 249/1000

Ps. the World Cup starts today so I'm going to have to re-learn painting with one eye on the telly! :-) To get you in the mood, have a listen to this...


  1. I am thinking of sending an order of to Heroics and Ros. Approx how long did delivery take? And like you it was about 30 years ago I last ordered from them.

    1. Hi Clint, they arrived today, so one week exactly from when I ordered them.

  2. LOL! Heriocs & Ros, 30yrs ago, same here! I didn't know what LOL was back then! Anyway loving the 6mm stuff, keep it up.