Friday 13 June 2014

October War: Egyptian T-62's

I found some more useful models in 'Lead Mountain', three old GHQ T-62's. The Egyptian Army received approximately 200 T-62's from the Soviet Union between 1971 and 1973. They were organised into two Armoured Brigades, the 15th and the 25th, and they spearheaded the Egyptian advance once the Bar Lev line had been breached.

I painted the models up in the same three colour camouflage as the T54/55's the only difference being the "rattleskin" pattern on the gun barrel (this would look nicer on a larger scale model).

I've also corrected the recognition symbols on the T54/55's painted on as in 1973 the IDF was also using T54/55's it had captured in the Six Day War...

Painting Target: 252/1000


  1. Great stuff Steve; your posts have prompted me to dig my old WW2 Eastern Front armour out again to finish off - nice one ;)

    1. There might be some of that soon. I have a test JS-II and ISU-152 almost finished! :-)

  2. Great wee tanks. Keep them coming!