Friday 20 June 2014

October War: Egyptian Mechanised Infantry Battalion BMP's

Now being the proud owner of 35 1/285th GHQ BMP-1's, I decided my Egyptian mechanised infantry could ride into battle in style (even if historically the Egyptian infantry found them unbearably hot when buttoned up so rode into bottle with the rear hatches open!)

I've painted three companies each comprising of two 3 vehicle platoons and a 2 vehicle battalion HQ. Again the scheme is the Egyptian three colour one, though I must confess to struggling to find a photograph of an Egyptian BMP in this (or any other scheme). I did find photos of Syrian BMP's in the Soviet sand/green scheme but decided to stick with the three colour look (especially as I still have 15 BMP's left for the Syrians to misuse).

Ps. last Thursday Clint asked how long my Heroics & Ros order took to arrive, well I'd only ordered it that day but it arrived yesterday so the answer is one week! Unfortunately these BMP's have used up my stock of laser cut MDF bases so an order went into Warbases yesterday.

Painting Target: 307/1000

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