Monday 2 June 2014

Another Year Older...

21 again today but sadly no wargames presents* (boo!).  I did, however, get some new music CD's and Saul bought me the latest Macro and Cato book so I'll no doubt be back into Ancients mode soon and digging the box of plastic Early Imperial Romans out of the loft with plans to do something involving Caratacus.

Not my cake but I thought it too cool not to share...
I have managed some more work on the Polish infantry section and the first of these should be finished later this evening (or tomorrow morning if I am made to be social by the family!)

* SWMBO has said she will just raid Lead Mountain for presents as she is convinced I wouldn't know if it was new or not - she may have a point!

Edit: this was my cake... :-)


  1. Happy birthday Steve - have great one ;)

  2. Happy birthday - just showed the cake to the wife and said next year can I have one like this and she only laughed.

  3. Yea, I would love a cake like that for my birthday in a few weeks!

  4. Happy Birthday, Steve. SWMBO obviously isn't aware that most gamers have a Smaug-like memory for what is in Lead Mountain that confounds both chronology and gravity. Well, at least up until a certain age, and then we can hide our own easter eggs ;)

  5. Many Happy returns old bean!

  6. Many Happy Returns.. remember order from Amazon and have the parcel sent to work. Never fails