Friday, 5 March 2021

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Likho

Painting up a few Panzerfäuste bits and pieces, I decided to slap some paint on the Deathless Likho, demonic creatures summoned to The Land to provide the Deathless army with intelligent creatures capable of commanding Zombi units and operating mechanical weapons...

The miniatures are wearing WWI style Russian uniforms but carry WW2 weapons. The Signalizatory here (with Starshina NCO) using signal flags (unlike the other Panzerfäuste races whose command sets have radios).

The figures were just base painted, given a wash with Army Painter Military Tone and then highlighted. I really liked the dark red skin contrasting nicely with the single yellow eye.

I also painted the two Likho 'handlers' for the Nezhit Undead Troll who are attempting to control the reanimated brute which I painted in 2016!

I've enjoyed painting these Panzerfäuste miniatures and will keep dipping into my resin pile as there are a lot of great models which I never got around to painting in the Hysterical days...

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Pony Wars: Mounted Indians I

I managed to finish the first 'Red Indians' for the forthcoming Pony Wars (or B Troop Ain't Coming Back) rules, painting up thirty-five 10mm castings from Irregular Miniatures.

I'm not 100% certain about basing requirements, mainly casualty removal, but as I need rather a lot of hostiles I decided the first batch would be based in 5's.

It must be noted that the miniatures are lovely and I was really surprised with the quality of the sculpts. They are a little bit slimmer than Lancashire and Pendraken's models but are compatible. 

Now I've finished these I'll order some more from Irregular and another company of cavalry from Lancashire Games.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Rusalka Witches

It's taken me some time since Panzerfäuste sat happily in my head space but I've decided that I'm going to try and tackle the pile of unpainted resin and metal I have for it this year. One set of the miniatures I always wanted to paint was the Deathless (undead) Command with the demonic Likho and the undead Rusalka - drowned Dark Elf KGB witches reanimated by the evil Count Koschei.

I've made some good progress on a number of the Likho models but today finished the trio of Rusalka witches that provide the Deathless army with its magickal component.

The miniatures are just base painted, washed with Army Painter Military Tone (similar to the Strong Tone but with an dark olive green-brown tint), then with highlights applied. The models are lovely and it did not take a lot of effort to achieve a decent result (I think the models look nicer than the photo).

Hopefully I'll get some Likho and my first 10mm Red Indians completed through the week...

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

World War One: German Assault Company

Not mentioned in my A Cunning Plan (or two...) for 2021! post was the World War One project that a few of us down BIG are planning for 2021 (pandemic permitting). Long time readers of the blog will know this is not my first dabble in WWI with 6mm and 20mm projects started and unfinished. Of course everyone else wants to do 28mm so I picked up a couple of boxes of Wargames Atlantic Germans which have gone AWOL somewhere on Lead Mountain so I had to buy another...

We haven't decided on the ruleset we are going to use, Chain of Command WWI, Through Mud & Blood, Blood & Valor and The Great War have all been suggested, but for getting some figures sorted and painted up I'm using the army lists from The Great War despite it using a 3:1 figure scale with nine men representing a platoon (in other games it will just be rebadged a section).

The Wargames Atlantic plastic WWI Germans are lovely and have a host of options and head variants in the box including gas mask heads and fifty individual stick grenades to embellish your figures! Whilst the plastics only cover basic infantry, fortunately the Great War Miniatures metals are compatible so I have ordered some support elements such as HMG, Light Mortar from North Star via BIG.

Painting was very straight forward, undercoated grey, then helmets, webbing, flesh and weapons block painted before being coated with Army Painter Strong Tone dip, before being matt varnished.

Still not having found the two original boxes I bought last year I picked up a fourth(!) box at the weekend to make up a second Assault Company and when the originals turn up I have a plan to turn then into WW2 Chinese! :D

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Pony Wars: Company A, 2nd US Cavalry

As stated in my A Cunning Plan (or two...) for 2021!, one cunning plan was to build up some forces for the forthcoming reissue of Pony Wars (or B Troop Ain't Coming Back) which is due out sometime soon. It does require rather a lot of miniatures (600 mounted Indians IIRC) so I'm working on scaling the game back 50% and doing it in 10mm...

Lancashire Games have a fledgling Pony Wars range so I ordered some US Cavalry from them and painted up my first company.

Despite the small scale I am happy with the end result of my painting efforts, though I have baulked at painting the lettering on the guidon!

Next up on the painting table will be some Indians (ordered from Irregular - they are lovely) or some Army wagons to go with the cavalry...

Of course the project necessitated re-watching John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy so inspired by the first and third films, my cavalry regiment in Pony Wars will be the 2nd US Cavalry commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Kirby Yorke... 

Sunday, 10 January 2021

ACW: 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

As I said in my last post the previews of Warlord Games "Epic" ACW Black Powder figures has certainly re-kindled my interest in the 'War Between the States' so I picked up a copy of Wargames Illustrated to get a free sprue and see how painting them went, and how they looked when finished.

There is lots of information about them online elsewhere so I won't go into detail but they are hard polystyrene plastic and measure 13.5mm foot to eye (they seem to work well with 12mm metal figures from what I've seen). Some people are calling them 15mm but that is foot to top of head and we don't measure figures like that so don't be fooled!

I decided to paint my five base regiment up as the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment as I'd just rewatched Glory before Xmas and felt like re-creating them in miniature.

Painting was largely a case of drybrushing over a black undercoat which took less than half an hour for the entire regiment, care taken not to get the lighter trouser blue on the dark blue jackets, and then picking out details such as belts, flesh and muskets. The flags are cut out of the Warlord advert in the current WI.

Overall they do look good en masse and I am certainly even more tempted by the starter set now...

Thursday, 31 December 2020

A Cunning Plan (or two...) for 2021!

So here we are once more... Well 2020 was... well it was, wasn't it! Gaming has been a bit hit and miss due to the lockdowns, rules of six and other restrictions but I got a few games in thanks to  Jim and Ellen at BIG and the excellent facilities there (and Ellen's wonderful Covid rules!).  They are a shop that does mail order as well as a gaming venue so please support them in 2021 if you don't already, they do offer nice discounts... Thanks also to George and Andy who have been my main opponents when 2020 allowed! 

So as 2020 comes to a close, what cunning plans do I have for next year? 

Well hopefully to play some games! :D My first cunning plan here is the rescue of the games room. At the beginning of the month I needed to clear it out as we had to have the electric meeting replaced. This was a major exercise (with lots of long lost toys rediscovered!) during which I made the decision to reduce the size of the table from 6'x6' to 6'x4' which makes it easier to walk around and put some storage around it. Hopefully following the festive period I can progress the recovery project further.

Looking at the 2020 Cunning Plan I should probably port it across to 2021, but where is the fun in doing that?! :D Yes I want to crack on with the Mutiny in 2021 and the Malburian First Peninsular War as I have the figures for these, and having done a bit of dabbling with Contrast paints I aim to target by Sharp Practice Italians next month. I have progressed the 'other' Sharp Practice force and will let them out the bag when I slap some paint on therm soon.

A couple of new projects are on the horizon. I was intrigued by the news of Warlord's Epic Black Powder ACW set as I am a sucker for smaller scale stuff and did buy a copy of the new Wargames Illustrated to get a sprue to play with. There is some mumbling of 6mm Napoleonics down BIG using Black Powder so I am tempted to pick up the starter set to check it out, the ACW figures are nice and I reckon two starter sets gets you all you need for some really big battles at a very good price (a regiment being around half the price of the Brigade boxes).

Secondly is the new version of Pony Wars (or B Troop Ain't Coming Back) which gamers long in the tooth may recall being produced by TTG back in the eighties. I've pre-ordered the new version and a small amount of 10mm US Cavalry from Lancashire Games to have a play with. IIRC the original version required a LOT of miniatures but apparently the new edition tells you how to downsize it and it can be played solo which is something to consider depending on how quick the vaccine is rolled out.

Finally Santa brought a copy of Battlegroup NORTHAG which I'm currently reading through and am thinking of using for my 6mm Arab-Israeli and maybe some 6mm WW3 if I can remember where I put that.

I'm sure there will be other things that come along and upset these plans (after all, no plan survives contact with etc) and there is still last year's plan to fall back on! :D

Finally thanks to everyone who reads my occasional ramblings and posts nice comments, they are all appreciated. Have a great, and safe, 2021, ok?

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Sharp Practice: Confrontation at Georgetown Crossroads...

The evening before the country entered the second national lockdown of the year, Andy and I met at BIG to get in a game of Sharp Practice to see if I could stop his run of victories (is two in a row a run?). The basic scenario was taken from the Swamp Fox campaign supplement (scenario nine - Georgetown) although as we don't have the requisite forces yet for Swamp Fox (how many mounted militia do I need?!!), we drew up our forces based on what we had to hand. The scenario is a meeting engagement with the aim to defeat the enemy and control the crossroads...

The game started with three groups of brave Continental Line marching down the road towards the crossroads commanded by Captain Blackmore (accompanied by a drummer and 'holy man' Molly Pitcher)

Any hope of stealing a march on the British was thwarted as the three groups of British Line Infantry under the command of Captain Haddock (assisted by Sergeant Wakefield) appeared on the opposite edge of the field of battle.

A group of Militia Skirmishers under the command of Corporal Glover appeared next rushing across the fields to take up a position protecting the Continentals flank.

A second group of Militia Skirmishers enter the field under the command of Corporal Paice and screened the Continental Line.

Suddenly more lobsterbacks were spotted, two units of Light Infantry in Line under the command of Ensign Harrow pushing forward towards the right flank of the Americans.

The race was on to reach the crossroads first with the Line infantry of both sides marching to an inevitable confrontation!

Meanwhile on the American right Harrow's redcoated Lights advanced on Corporal Glover's Militia Skirmishers hunkered down behind the rail fence.

Whilst on the left of the battlefield Corporal Stringer and a unit of British Light Infantry skirmishers deployed for action...

With Haddock's men advancing towards them, Captain Blackmore ordered his men into line and to Present, poised ready to deliver a crashing volley into the redcoats!

Unfortunately though the Command chips fell Andy's way allowing him to also deploy into line, before the Continentals could do anything...

And unleash an uncontrolled volley at the brave Patriots!

Four Continentals fell dead and the Americans reeled with several points of accumulated Shock.

Unfortunately for the Americans Tiffin came next and then Haddock's token was pulled again. Another volley crashed into the Continentals killing another four and piling more Shock on them.

Blackmore's men stood bravely and managed to return a volley, inflicting Shock on all three of the British Line groups.

Meanwhile on the right flank Ensign Harrow attempted to rush Glover's Militia Skirmishers who had been joined behind the rail fence by Paice's group. The Militia picked off a Lobsterback and inflicted Shock on the Light Infantry.

The battle at the crossroads grew bloodier with Patriots and Redcoats falling to traded volleys and both sides accumulating more Shock.

Whilst this was happening Sergeant Lord and his Continental Skirmishers armed with rifles sneaked through the orchard unnoticed and deployed on the American left...

Opening fire into the flank of Haddock's redcoats! Unfortunately they failed to kill even on Lobsterback or inflict much in the way of Shock. Very disappointing...

Haddock's men continued to pile uncontrolled volleys into the Continentals to their front...

And eventually one group of Patriot Line breaks and flees...

Fortunately for the Americans Lieutenant Gillan with his two groups of Light Infantry in Line had just arrived...

And throwing tomahawks on their way in, they charged into Haddock's redcoats...

Forcing them back and breaking them into two formations as they were unable to fall back in line!

On the right Harrow's Light snapped into line to engage the pesky Militia Skirmishers...

But their Presented Volley only killed one and inflicted just one point of Shock on the second group of Militia.

The Militia returned fire, inflicting Shock on the Lights.

At this stage the battle was finely balanced. Both sides Line units had been badly mauled but both still had strong units of Light Infantry in Line with Skirmish units in support.

On the right Sergeant Lord's Continental Skirmishers traded fire with Corporal Stringers's Skirmishers...

Whilst Lieutenant Gillan snapped his Legion Light Infantry into Line and poured fire into Harrow's Redcoats.

Pushing the disparate groups back once again.

The smaller group commanded by Sergeant Wakefield firied back at the Legion with minimal effect.

With the battle starting to swing the American way, Corporal Stringer's Light Infantry Skirmishers charged Sergeant Lord's Continental Skirmishers...

Killing Lord and routing his men! (how many of my Leaders has Andy killed now?

Suddenly the American left flank was exposed, could Andy snatch victory?!

Captain Blackmore Dressed the Ranks of his remaining two Line Infantry groups into one and despite being wounded ordered his men to fire at Sergeant Wakefield's redcoats to their front.

The fire from the Continentals was the final straw for Wakefields's men who fled the battle...

Running through Harrow's Light Infantry causing one group of them to break and flee as well!

This was the final stray for the British with their Force Morale dropping to zero. 

After a bloody battle, the field was controlled by the brave Patriots!

That was one helluva battle and hugely enjoyable, swinging one way then the other before I finally managed to snatch victory. I had thought I had the edge when I managed to deploy my Line infantry into line before Andy, but the god of Command Chips deserted me at this vital point allowing Andy's Line to pummel mine with a series of volleys. Fortunately the brave Continentals stood up to this long enough for the Legion Light Infantry to arrive and charge the British Line. 

A mention in despatches mush go to the the Militia Skirmishers under the commands of Corporals Glover and Paice who managed to hold off Harrow's Light Infantry (the British equivalent of the Legion) and protect the American right flank, ultimately ensuring victory fell the American way.

Sadly this was the last game of 2020 as the next day we entered the national lockdown and a fortnight later emerged into tier two (so no gaming) and then a week later tier three. I'm not sure when we'll get our next game in, but huge thanks to Andy for introducing me to Sharp Practice this year, it has been a lot of fun.