Sunday 23 June 2024

Indian Rebellion: Second Regiment Native Infantry, Bengal Native Infantry

Back to the Mutiny and a pile of miniatures that had been sat in the part painted pile for a few months now, but as Phil asked if I had any mutineers to add to his for a Sharp Practice campaign he is playing, I was enthused to finish them and add some native officers.

The rank and file are old Wargames Foundry miniatures. They have been sculpted with worsted wings on the shoulders which means they are either Grenadiers or Light Infantry, so with yellow facings these will either be the 2nd (Grenadiers) Bengal Native Infantry or the 42nd Light Infantry.

The two native officers are Empress models from the old Iron Duke range and scale nicely with the old Foundry models, even if the weapons are more slender.

Hopefully these groups of well-formed mutineers bring Phil some success for his Pandies, something which has been lacking in his recent battles.

Sunday 9 June 2024

This Quar's War: Crusader Squad

It lives! Apologies for the lack of blog updates but the universe keeps getting in the way. There are a pile of battle reports to put up, including many victories(!), which I hope to get to this month but in the meantime here are some Quar! 

I fell in love with the Quar over a decade or so back but couldn't justify an order from the States, however with Wargames Atlantic now producing plastic Quar in the This Quar's War: Clash of Rhyfles boxed game, this long standing itch has finally been scratched!

The miniatures are fantastic and great fun to put together and paint. It is no exaggeration they made me smile sticking them together and painting the first Quar up.

The Crusaders are the first troops I have painted, their opponents, the Coftyrans are next on the painting table.

Not quite sure what they will get used for, I'll try the small scale game that came in the box, but Xenos Rampant or Chain of Command (Chain of Quar-mand?) might be a better long term bet if I end up buying more - which seems quite likely!