Sunday 31 December 2017

Why Men Are Stupid and Wives Are Not...

Some of you may have noticed an absence of posts on Bleaseworld over the last year and a bit. Whilst I have some excuse in the work involved on Panzerfäuste and Spitfyre has eaten into my hobby time, the main reason for the lack of doing anything hobby related was I had been struggling to see what the hell I was painting!

Like many gamers of a certain age I have vari-focal glasses allowing me to see things in the distance (useful when driving) and things close up (useful when reading). The problem I have with my prescription glasses is that whilst I can focus easily on a book at say eighteen inches distance trying to paint a toy soldier at six was practically impossible.

Being a typical man I hadn't really thought about a solution (well I have glasses that do the near and far thing) until I mentioned the problem to SWMBO this morning (who had thought I hadn't done any painting as I am just disorganised). 

She immediately dragged me (and a 28mm German para) down to ASDA to look at the non-prescription reading glasses, ignoring my comment that I can read fine, and made me try on some off the shelf reading glasses to see if I could focus on my beautifully detailed little lead friend at six inches... Eureka! I could!

So £10 later I now have a pair of 2.5x reading glasses which will allow me to paint some more of the masses hidden in Lead Mountain! All I need do now is gain access to my painting bench and hope my paints haven't all dried up...

See you in 2018 bloggers, Bleaseworld is back! :-)