Saturday 26 October 2019

Haunted House!

SWMBO is a big fan of Hallowe'en, more so than Christmas, and the other week she had the bright idea of building up a Hallowe'en village, rather like those Christmas ones the Americans love. I recalled I had a cheap plaster building I'd bought from Hobbycraft many moons ago to see if it would be any good for gaming so dug it out and said if she liked it she could have it.

She did but insisted I painted it for her! :-)

A quick paint job by drybrushing over a black undercoat, it has come up nicely...

The hollow interior is painted orange so when you put a tealight inside it glows in a suitabley spooky fashion!

Sadly Hobbycraft have stopped producing these models and I can't find a UK source for any more (even Xmas ones I could convert), so it might be a case of scratch building the rest of the village with DAS type modelling clay.

Sunday 20 October 2019

Sharp Practice: The Culpeper Conspiracy

Too Fat Lardies' Sharp Practice is pretty popular down BIG, with regular French and Indian War events held on weekends. Whilst George and I have been happily testing out and tweaking Rebels and Patriots AWI games, we are open minded souls and when Andy said he was up for running a game for newbies, we jumped at the chance and roped in Steve with his newly painted Hessians... As I was trying to pay attention to Andy teaching us the rules I didn't take lots of photos.

George swapped his Tory sensibilities to side with the brave Whig rebels taking command of three units of State troops and one skirmish unit, whilst I had two units of Continentals and one of skirmishers. Steve had two units of Musketeers, two Guards and two Jaegers, both sides have one level 3 leader, one level 2 and two level 1. Both sides were given secret missions to complete, the Americans to rescue and escort a brave spy across the table.

My first deployment was the Contintentals, who started marching up the road, similarly Steve's Hessian Musketeers started up from the opposite side. Our next deployments brought on Skirmish units and second deployment points further up the table.

This allowed George to deploy his State troops close to the road junction and await the oncoming Hessian Musketeers...

Against who he launched a series of devastating volleys!

Inflicting casualties and Shock points on the cabbage chomping mercenaries, forcing them back. 

Off camera, George's skirmishers found the spy, we now had to escort him down the table - through the Hessians!

Meanwhile one of Steve's Jaeger units, whose heritage would one day clearly include the Brandenburg Kommando, rushed up the table using the building for cover and started pumping lead into the flank of the State troopers inflicting a casualty and some Shock.

My skirmishers tried to engage them and in a flurry of rifle fire both sides took Shock and my leader was knocked to the ground! 

Falling back the Kommandos, sorry Jaegers, chased the heroic American riflemen...

...and in a round of hand to hand combat, both units were badly mauled. After another round only the American leader remained but he managed to force the last few Jaegers to fall back into the arc of the (slowly advancing) Continentals who wiped them out.

At that point we had to call it a night but concluded that if we had played on the Americans would have likely won as Steve's Grenadiers had ended up with low ammo (so half firing effectiveness) and his Musketeers were badly mauled. With the Continentals and State troops still in good heart, they would most likely be able to protect George's skirmishers whilst they escorted the spy off the table.

This was a very different game to Rebels and Patriots, the most noticeable differences being the (much) longer weapons range and the lower number of casualties. As it was out first game I'm not sure if it would be as appreciably slower as this game was, given the learning curve, but there are more modifiers to consider on dice rolls. It was very helpful having Andy take us through the rules, as we'd all been a tad confused reading the rulebook!

Overall an enjoyable experience, we all enjoyed the game and have picked up sets of poker chips and tokens from Lardies for future games...

Sunday 13 October 2019

American War of Independence: 1st Continental Artillery

The last in my current painting batch for my American Rebels and Patriots army for Guildford Courthouse is this Perry Miniatures 3 pounder with crew...

Unfortunately this was case of the usual wargamer 'ooh shiny' disease hitting as I saw the model on Perry's website and just had to have it, forgetting the 1st Continental Artillery at Guildford Courthouse had 6 pounders. Oh well, I'll just have to buy one of those too! :-)

In the background you can see 'Molly Parker' who comes with the Warlord AWI artillery set and kindly donated to the rebel cause by Steve Weekes.

Friday 11 October 2019

American War of Independence: Virginia Rifle Corps

Another eighteen infantry painted for Rebels and Patriots, though 2/3 of them saw their first action in a game of Sharp Practice earlier this week. From a Rebels and Patriots perspective they will be classed a Light Infantry, in a few test games we've played neither George or I felt that the Skirmish classification rules worked in a suitable fashion for the C18th and the one time we had a Sharpshooter unit on the table it was like facing an MG42! :-)

As to what unit at Guildford Courthouse these guys are I'm not 100% sure. Initially the idea was to have some units of Virginian Rifle Corp Skirmishers but I need to have a think about it, perhaps they could be split into Light Infantry small units. Something to ponder...

As previous the figures are a mix of Perry plastics and metals and some Foundry metals, block painted and dipped...

Thursday 10 October 2019

American War of Independence: 2nd Maryland Continentals

Having painted three units of Militia for Rebels and Patriots, I decided to concentrate on a second Continental Army unit to go with the 1st Maryland which I painted back in the July - the 2nd Maryland!

By 1781 Continental Army units were supposed to wear blue coats (and when I get around to the Virginia regiments they will be in blue like the 1st Maryland), but following the destruction of Gates' army at Camden in 1780 the remnants of the seven Maryland line regiments which fought there were reconstituted, just before Guildford Courthouse, as the 1st Maryland Regiment and a new 2nd Maryland Regiment was raised, unusually for the time in brown coats (and unlike their namesakes from a year earlier at Camden who wore blue!).

I have read that the drummer should be painted in a blue coat with red facings but I am not 100% sure of that so went with the traditional reversed colours...

As previously I have block painted then dipped the figures in Army Painter Strong Tone dip, picking out the "white" straps in pale grey and adding some flesh highlights afterwards. It's not the neatest look, but suits my idea of troops on campaign in the field in the spring of 1781. The miniatures are all Perry plastics with a couple of Foundry metals and the flag is again is from Maverick Models.