Sunday 21 February 2016

Panzerfäuste: Deathless Zombi Troll

In Panzerfäuste, the Deathless are an unusual faction in that they are not allied to either one side or the other, but have their own agenda. Originating out of a war between the Dark Elves and Mountain Trolls, the Deathless have plunged the Dark Elf kingdom into civil war and that conflict has spread south to impact the Great Dwarven War.

The Brute for the Deathless is a Zombi Troll, a resurrected victim of the Dark Elf/Troll Winter War. In the game the Brutes have handlers and this model will as well, in the form of two demonic Likho, which I haven't had the chance to paint yet.

During the Kickstarter the sculptor came with the gruesome idea of having the model posed ripping a Dwarf in half. Normally I don't like models that tie themselves to specific opponents but the designer was so keen it do do it, that it became a Kickstarter exclusive variant figure...

Monday 8 February 2016

Panzerfäuste: Orc Fomori Brute

One of the more interesting new items for Panzerfäuste is the introduction of some larger beasts (generically referred to as Brutes) who help reinforce the fantasy aspect of the game, as well as provide some heavy close combat capability (especially useful for the Gnomes).

For the Orcs, their Brutes, are a large beastial race of one eyed beings from the marshlands of the Orc homeland, called Fomori (the Orcs have a slight Celtic vibe in the game's background).

I managed to get my hands on one of the pre-release models being cast up at Hysterical Games for the Kickstarter backers and subsequent retail release and have painted him up here. I went for a red-brown skin to provide contrast to the "green" Orcs, and added some rust and steel to the tank cannon "club" and the Schürzen "shield".

The Brutes handlers, modelled in WW2 tank overalls with WW1 touches like the chainmail masks and helmet, were painted in British army Khaki.

I have a nice full box of pre-release goodies read I snuck out of Hysterical last week that I'll be painting up over the next few weeks... :-)

Sunday 7 February 2016

Panzerfäuste: Mushroom Forest

Having had a long hard think about why I was in a hobby funk I decided to blame it on my replacement brushes which were not as good as the old ones I used to get from Waylands Forge and the basing sand I was using, which was too fine compared to what I used for the previous few years.

This might sound silly but having now sourced some decent sable brushes very similar to what I previously used and a bag of recycled glass paving sand from B&Q (thanks to Ian for the suggestion) I now have some mojo back - so there!

First to see the benefits of the return of the mojo are a converted Panzerfäuste Dwarf and some rebased mushrooms I've had knocking around for over a decade having bought them off Oriental Art Studio (?) at a show in the Midlands. They were starting to look a bit fragile so I coated them in PVA to seal them and based them on two old CD's using the paving sand to tie the bases in with all my other stuff. Terrain like this is great for fantasy games...

The Dwarf is an old Wessex figure who had his tunic extended with some spare Green Stuff to make a greatcoat. This was a simple enough conversion and I might do a few more soon...