French Foreign Legion (Dixon Miniatures)
Fon Female Warriors (Dixon Miniatures)
Fon Male Warriors (Wargames Foundry)
Bazingers (Perry Miniatures)
1/66th (Berkshire) Foot (Perry Miniatures)
2/66th (Berkshire) Foot (Perry Miniatures)
3/66th (Berkshire) Foot (Perry Miniatures)

92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Foot (Perry Miniatures)

Royal Horse Artillery 9 pounder (Perry Miniatures)
Maxim Guns (Old Glory)
British infantry (Pax Britannica 20mm)
iNdluyengwe - the Leopard's Lair or Den (Warlord Games)
uMbonambi - The Evil Omen (Warlord Games)

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