Monday 9 June 2014

Holding Patton?

Last year I realised that I had rather stupidly bought a load of GHQ M48's only to discover they were A5 models and not usable as IDF or Jordanian. I did convert one and this was reasonably successful but I must confess I am not too keen to do this to the remainder of the models, especially as GHQ has released an IDF Magach-3 version now.

Of course if I buy the Magach's the question remains what to do with the M48A5's? They were not a cheap purchase...

M48A5 as modelled by GHQ (photo Neil Baumgardner)
One idea is to use them for a 6mm eighties Cold War project. I have a number of GHQ Soviet models sat around but I am struggling to find out which NATO countries (aside from the US) used the M48A5 with the large commander's cupola as modelled on the GHQ model (many other - all? - nations seem to used the Israeli inspired low design).

Help anyone?


  1. I checked Wikipedia and several countries - Greece, Turkey, South Korea, Norway - used the A5 version. The article also says the A3 was the first to get the larger cupola. Then again, it's Wikipedia, so take with a grain of salt.

    You could always just do some hand wavium and say that the U.S. exported Pattons to NATO allies to help bolster their own armored corps.

    1. All the NATO countries appear to have the small "Isreali cupola, so far I have found that the first 300 A5's had the 105mm gun and large cupola, after that it was the smaller one. So I will probably paint them as US Army early eighties in a MERDC scheme like the one in the picture.