Saturday 21 June 2014

October War: Egyptian ZSU-57-2 Anti-Aircraft Company

Remembering I had the four original bases that I previously used on my rebased Sho't Meteors I was able to finish four more AFV's for the October War project today - a battery of GHQ ZSU-57-2's.

Although somewhat out-dated by 1973 the ZSU-57-2 was still in service with the Egyptian army during the conflict (indeed some upgraded models were still in use in 2003).

I decided to paint these models in the basic overall sand style rather than the three-colour camo. The logic behind this was that the ZSU-57-2's were the primary AA vehicle in the 1967 war, so with a future eye on the Six Day War, I went with the '67 look. The rationale here being that these ZSU's were in a second line unit in 1973 that had not been repainted in one of the new schemes (the Egyptians did have a variety of schemes in 1973 so for me this is not beyond the realm of possibility).

I also added crew figures to the vehicles by chopping up some Heroics & Ross Soviets. I appreciate they are sitting (standing?) a bit high in the turrets but I like the end effect.

Painting Target: 311/1000

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