Sunday 1 June 2014

Blitzkrieg: First to Fight!

I made considerable progress with my Poles yesterday and today, but have been forced to break off as it is my Mum's 75th birthday so the family is all off to a party this afternoon. Hopefully the first should be finished tomorrow or Tuesday. Despite the duplication of certain miniatures (and my picture was wrong I have five infantry running with rifle not three!), they are lovely figures to paint.

Of course, as usual, researching the infantry uniforms has led me down distracting paths and I now want to raise sections of the Polish 10th Mechanised Brigade in their black leather coats and German helmets, and the Highland Division with their feathered felt hats as part of this project.

I have found 28mm figures for the 10th from Gorgon Studios in the States (I might have to bite the bullet on postage as they do some lovely Norwegian campaign figures too) but have only found the Highlanders in 15mm. If anyone knows of a 28mm source please let me know...

Polish 10th Mechanised Division (photo Gorgon Studios)


  1. I've finished the minor country sections for the BA Blitzkrieg supplement. Next up - France.