Sunday 29 June 2014

October War: Egyptian JS-III Tank Company

As you may recall the big box of Arab-Israeli models I bought earlier in the month contained ten GHQ JS-III's which I have now painted up as an Egyptian tank company.

In 1967 the Egyptians had one hundred of these beasts and their low profile and 122mm gun made them feared opponents, but by 1973 they had been relegated to training use and as static bunkers the African side of the Suez.

I decided that to get the most use out of them to paint them up in the overall 1967 sand scheme even though in 1973 they had been repainted in the three colour scheme (at least the training ones had, not sure about the bunker ones).

For the 1973 bunker JSIII's I am looking to building some clip on earthworks that I can slip over the base of the model into.

Finally I'd like to say thanks for all the kind comments regarding my efforts over the last month in 6mm. They are very encouraging, especially when you have a lot of unpainted white metal staring you in the face! 

Painting Target: 348/1000


  1. I never knew Egypt used JS-IIIs! Epic! These look great, a very menacing force.

  2. Very nice and a lovely hammer to go with your other armoured forces.

    Your productivity over the last month or two has been quite astounding, and shaming for the rest of us!