Tuesday 10 June 2014

Flames of (Great) War

Rumours have been confirmed, Battlefront will be expanding their Flames of War game into WWI by releasing Great War in August as a supplement with Wargames Illustrated 322.

The following miniatures will be released:


Mark IV Tank (x2)
Mark A Whippet Tank
OQF 18 pdr (x2) HQ & Rifle Platoon
Machine-gun Platoon
Trench Mortar Platoon


A7V Tank (x2)
7.62cm Krupp IG (x2)
7.7cm FK gun (x2)
Infanteriekompanie HQ
Infanterie Platoon
Infanterie Machine-gun Platoon
Regimental Support Platoons
Stoss Platoon

Should be interesting to see how well the rules convert to WWI...


  1. Very interesting, and a very welcome addition to the stable of World War One rules. Thanks for the head's up, Steve!

  2. Hmm. Alarmingly tempted by this! Not sure about the trenches though!

  3. Depending on how "complete" the rules are I might get that issue and use them with my 6mm stuff

  4. I don't think FoW works particularly well beyond early WWII, so extending it backwards is possibly going to result in more enjoyable gaming.