Thursday 6 February 2014

Through the Stargate?

I've always had a soft spot for Stargate, the film and the spin off TV series and over the last few months I have been watching SG-1 in order having taped them all on my Sky Box on one of Sky's regular repeats. I've just started on the tenth and final season and my mind is pondering some skirmish games...

Phoenix Icons Jaffa Cannon and First Prime (photo Phoenix Icons)
I always thought the the background had a lot more potential beyond what we saw on the TV, especially the historical/mythical parallels so I had a delve into Lead Mountain (re)discovering the old Monolith Designs resin Stargate, some OOP Eureka Sci-Fi Egyptians and a few packs on Phoenix Icons official figures including a DHD (which I forgot to buy from Monolith).

A great excuse to pit some modern figures against those from other time periods providing proxies for troops from human 'seeded' alien worlds at different levels of technology and industrialisation, or more advanced SF troops. Could be fun, just need to find the right rule set...


  1. I've got the Hasslefree not Stargate figures on my painting table with no idea what to do with them at present, so will watch this!