Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Future of American Justice...

I went to see the Robocop remake yesterday. Hollywood does not have a good track record on remaking classic genre films and I only went as Saul had heard good things about it and insisted we did. There were a number of things that should have turned me off this version - Murphy not dying, no female police partner, the prominent inclusion of Murphy's family, that it's only a 12A(!), but...

Yes, despite all the things I thought would annoy the hell out of me this is a very good film and well worth going to see. From the ED209's patrolling the streets of Tehran to a great training session sequence in a disused warehouse (with Focus' Hocus Pocus as the music) to a classic Samuel Jackson performance to the "Dead or alive. You're coming with me..." line, it's a great movie and well worth going to see at the cinema (and it is pushing the boundary between 12A and 15 IMHO).

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  1. I love the classic movie, as I love many many 80's and 90's classics, but I am always curious to see how they do the remakes. Definately going to check it out.
    And Focus in an American movie? Wow, I never thought that song was so widely known. It's Dutch you know :) Pretty cool!