Saturday, 8 February 2014

Grands Chapeaux: Dwarf Musketeers of the Guard I

Last year Iron Mask Miniatures ran a great little Kickstarter to bring a range of Dwarf Musketeers and Ogre Guards into production. A sucker for anything involving fantasy races in historical costumes I jumped on board.

Inspired by Dumas' Three Musketeers but in a fantasy setting, the crowd-funding was successful and an expanded range (with characters) and a set of rules called Grands Chapeaux has been released.

The miniatures are great with separate heads and hands with loads of different weapons options and before Xmas I glued together a Dwarf and an Ogre to paint as as test pieces. Despite planning to do some more work on the Coldstream pike today I ended up painting the Dwarf, who is not too shaby...

Coldstream's tomorrow (as long as I not still up at 2.30am beating back the Germans in Battle of the Bulge as I was today!)

2014 Painting Target: 40/1000


  1. nice figure ! and excellent painting work !
    This range seems to be unusual and good !

  2. Great paintjob, lovely figure!

  3. Very nice figure and lovely painted!