Monday 17 February 2014

Grands Chapeaux: Ogre of the Cardinal's Guard I

As any student of Dwarven history knows, the main rivals of the King's Dwarf Musketeers were the Ogre Musketeers, who followed the orders of the infamous Dwarf Cardinal...

This is one of the Ogre Musketeers released by Iron Mask Miniatures as part of their Kickstarter. I have painted it up is a vaguely historical way and he provides a nice contrast to the blue surcoated Dwarf musketeers.

Like the Dwarf, the Ogre comes with separate head and hands allowing for a lot of customisation. Around 35mm tall, they owe much in appearance to the old Maruader Ogres of the eighties.

As a comparison here is the Ogre up against the Dwarf I painted earlier this month - one for all!

En garde!
2014 Painting Target: 50/1000

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