Wednesday 18 September 2013

Unpacking the Bones Part Three: Fighters and Big Bad Evil Guys

With Clan Blease all suffering from various stages of snottynoseitis (only one has gone into work, bet you can guess who that was!) I shall continue looking at the big box of plastic things...

The Bones Fighters set is fairly generic but again quite nicely done and useful for adventurers and bad guts, I especially like the static fighter with shield and sword. As you can see from the figure with the axe, the thinner parts can suffer from being bent and need straightening.

The Big Bad Evil Guys are a bit strange as two are not big or even guys! That said I do like the figures in this pack. The large Orc type waving his axe will make a great chief for the rest of the Orcs and the two females types are well done. The one holding an axe is a bit flat but may paint up well and at worse will be a useful unit filler...


  1. How much did you have to fork out for the Kickstarter and will they eventually be released in metal as individual castings?

    1. The Vampire box was $100 the contents of which will take some time to show off. I did add some extras (like the $10 Cthulhu) which I will point out when I get there.

      AFAIK a lot of the miniatures are already available in metal. this project was to convert them into plastic Bones as well.