Friday 27 September 2013

Unpacking the Bones Part Ten: Dwarves, Elves and Dark Elves

The next miniatures out of the Bones box are three sets of popular fantasy races. The Dwarves are an interesting set of a Dwarf rogue, pair of fierce Dwarven fighters, and new Dwarf wizard with two being female, not normally seen with Dwarf miniatures. Nicely sculpted figures, if a bit large compared to other manufacturers.

The Elves are nice miniatures, but presumably aimed at role-playing given the inclusion of two with staffs. I must say that I do like the way that American sculptors capture the lean other-worldly look when it comes to Elves.

Finally we have the servants of the Spider Queen, this pack of four Dark Elves contains a Wizard, Rogue, a Cleric, and a Fighter...

Again, these are great, shame there are not enough of anything for proper wargaming purposes.

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