Friday 6 September 2013

Bones Are Rolling... (and Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion)

I'm not sure how long it was that I paid my money for the Reaper Bones Kickstarter but today I got a letter from Parcelforce asking me to pay the VAT (and their ridiculous handling fee - half the VAT!) on the big box from Texas which I did, so roll on Monday when this and loads of friends will arrive...

And no, I have no plan or idea what I am going to do with them!

Gromit of the Day:

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion


  1. I bought into the McVey Sedition Wars before I saw this lot and couldn't justify spending on another......not the best choice I've ever made!

    1. Missed Sedition Wars, this just seemed too good a bargain to pass up, even if it is very overdue and Reaper's comms have been terrible...