Saturday 7 September 2013

Down The Dungeon? (and Roger)

Today has been a day of Dad duties, running Saul to music lessons and then to the local Apple store to have a a detailed look at Logic Pro X (I'm not sure what it does but it reminded me of the computer displays in Star Trek: TNG!). Whilst he spoke his own form of technobabble to the Apple blueshirt I continued my ponderings on what to do with the in transit Bones.

As you can see from the picture, there is rather a lot of miniatures and I must own up to adding quite a few options, mainly dragons and other big beasties for no other reason other than they were cheap (and SWMBO likes dragons).

The vast majority of the miniatures are fantasy ones, not really enough of anything to make an army with, but an interesting mix of warriors, adventurers, bad guys, goblins, orcs, dungeon creatures, monsters, undead etc, It strikes me that this is just what you need for some simple fantasy adventuring, whether down a dungeon, in a forest or whatever...

Now I don't fancy using them for role-playing, getting enough people interested and organised is too much effort, I am wondering whether I could devise some kind of solo campaign with a group of adventurers going on quests and randomly encountering the good, bad and ugly, and chopping them up!

The idea of random encounters and table controlled responses has always appealed to me since I read TTG's old Pony Wars rules in which all the players played on the US Cavalry side and the Indians were table generated. The playing card campaign system in Scudbusters would allow for extended quests in varied terrain, meeting a variety of fantasy types from goblin raiding parties, to singular trolls, to huge dragons guarding their treasure.

I'm thinking that a simple skirmish system like Songs of Blades and Heroes may be a good basis to start with and then bolt on reaction and campaign elements.

Certainly food for thought and the stirrings of an idea...

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  1. Keep your eyes peeled Otherworld and Crooked dice are planning a kickstarter later in the year for just such a ruleset.

    1. I will keep a look out, thanks for the heads up...

  2. BASH! Fantasy is worth a look I'd say, I became quite bored of SOBH after about 6 months play..