Wednesday 25 September 2013

Unpacking the Bones Part Eight: Chronoscope

I'm not 100% sure what Reaper's Chronoscope line is supposed to be about but it includes a right mish-mash of different miniatures, many of which are useful for a wide range of games.

Taking the Bones figures from the Vampire box we have some cowboys, a thirties pulp hero, a witch, Arnie in Terminator mode, some SF figures and a cybernetic gorilla! All very useful to some extent or the other and who can't find some use for a cybernetic gorilla?!

On the subject of the Bones figures, I tried the hot water/cold water dunk method to try and sort out any bent bits (such as the witches broom above). Pretty successful, there are a couple that might need some work but out of thirty odd figures not a lot of effort and not much work left to do on the odd ones.

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