Wednesday 2 October 2013

Unpacking the Bones Part Thirteen: Swamp Things, Golems, Half-Sized Heroes and Familiars

I thought I'd celebrate 21 years of indentured servitude to SWMBO by looking at some of the creature packs in the Vampire box today (it's also Richard III's birthday today).

The Swamp Things pack contains a lovely Troll (that I am hoping will fit in with my old Citadel River Trolls), two decent Lizardmen and a Snakeman, All are really good figures, I love the look of the lizardmen, so much better than GW's and the Troll is awesome and shows the Bones plastic at its best.

The Golems pack contains a Flesh Golem, a Stone Golem, an Iron Golem, and a Clay Golem. These should be straight forward to paint up and I am considering a couple of them transferring from the realms of fantasy to the dark streets of Victorian steampunk England.

The Half-Sized Heroes are a mix of Halflings and (beardless) Gnomes. It is hard to tell the difference, presumably the Gnomes are wearing the boots. Ok, but uninspiring.

Reaper have also produced a set of twelve familiars that were in the Vampire box, a useful mix of small beasts, which I have forgotten to take a photo of but take my word are worth looking at and potentially very useful if you are looking for a 28mm cat or whatever...

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  1. Better start unpacking faster! Reaper Bones II is going nuts!