Tuesday 15 October 2013


"There are so many things about this war that cannot be told now - possibly never..." Eisenhower.

Long time sufferers of this blog may recall me posting about a set of rules I published through Wessex Games called Geheimkrieg. The game had an extremely lot gestation but was eventually released in PDF format a few years ago (please feel free to buy from Wargame Vault here).

Soon after publication I had the inspired idea to commission a range of 28mm miniatures to provide the non-historical troops for gamers. I found a sculptor, paid him a wodge of cash and he sculpted me the first three miniatures for the range. And then dropped off the face of the planet...

I was unable to find a suitably talented sculptor with enough free time to continue the range so the three figures have sat around for a while after being master moulded.

Somewhat peeved with this waste of money I decided to try my hand at converting some of the masters to see if I could at least create enough miniatures for one blister. They are not as good as I would like but I now have four Abteilung 848 Schreckentruppen which have gone off for moulding today.

I'm not sure if they will be commercially released. Since I planned the range lots of other companies have come in and filled the 28mm Weird War Two market with lovely miniatures which can be used as proxies in Gehemkrieg, but you never know. If I can find a decent sculptor with an eye for this sort of thing it may be a project worth revisiting.

Ps. I retook the photos of the SWAT Team posted yesterday. They look so much better in daylight! :-)


  1. Steve,

    I'd like a squad or two... ;-)

  2. These are great! If I was in WWW2 at the moment I'd get to get them.