Tuesday 29 October 2013

Game Over Man?

I guess most of you have seen the news that Prodos Games will be producing an Alien v Predator miniatures game. Fortunately, despite the name, it is not based on the AvP film, but the wider franchise so not only will there be different kinds of Aliens and Predators but also Colonial Marines.

Prodos have been drip feeding sneak peak images which I am finding somewhat tedious but they have released some pics on their Facebook page which show some of the resin miniatures as well as a size comparison with some other miniatures. According to a post at AvP Galaxay, Prodos are planning a Space Hulk type boxed game this year (that seems a tad optimistic) with further releases in the new year.

Much as I loved the background and whilst I would have been all over this a decade ago, I'm not sure whether I will be rushing to pick this up. It will be interesting to see what Prodos do with the licence and how the game and miniatures measure up when released...


  1. The marines look cool but kind of fiddly, especially if made from resin.

  2. Nice figures, would have assumed like Space Hulk too

  3. They look great but I dread to see what the price is going to be. Official merchandise is so expensive, look at the recent Star Trek game that's out.

  4. We won't be charging prices like that, more like Warzone Resurrection prices.
    Check out warzonegame.com to get a good idea.

    Release dates... hmm, got lost in translation I think. Read 'release date' as 'full announcement'.