Friday 4 October 2013

Unpacking the Bones Part Fifteen: NOVA Corps

Finally we come to the end of the Vampire pledge level box of miniatures, it's only taken three weeks to cover the contents! I will leave the Optional Extras I purchased for a little while! :-)

The NOVA Corps are part of the Chronoscope range and there was another (different) NOVA in the Chronoscope pack. I liked these models so much I bought a second pack so I had enough for a full section (and a bit).

The figures are pretty decent hard SF types and my only criticism is the inclusion of some kind of bedding roll on the small backpacks. I had planned to use them as some kind of Police para-military unit or on-board spaceship Marine unit and am not sure why they would have that kind of equipment (I suppose them could be stealth cloaks or something for overwatch units).

I have actually started painting these and hoped to get them finished by today, but unfortunately work got in the way. The detail on them is very good and has come up nicely with just one heavily drybrushed coat applied.

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