Monday 28 October 2013

French Aeronef Officer

Back from Belfast, an enjoyable evening as well as a visit today to the Titanic Museum which is excellent and well worth a visit if you are in that neck of the woods. Three recommendations, book before you go, do the guided tour of the area outside the museum and allow a good three hours to see all the galleries properly...

Anyway, back to things miniature. Whilst painting the Dahomey Legionnaires I pulled out this miniature which, if I recall correctly, is a Foundry Darkest Africa figure...

The original intention was to paint him up as a naval officer for Dahomey. However that would have involved stopping painting and doing some research so he transferred from Dahomey to the Martian Front and into the service of l'Armee d'Aeronef (so I could paint him how I liked).

I just need to find some suitable French sailors to follow him now. I suspect some Franco-Prussian War or Boxer Rebellion range will provide these...

 2013 Painting Target: 446/365


  1. I like the way you painted him.

  2. Found a bunch of French sailors at Askari Miniatures, including an artillery crew and sailors with semaphore flags