Sunday 6 October 2013

The Winter War and Beyond...

Each platoon costs £60 post free
The Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter has entered its final 48 hours and all the free stretch goals have now been reached. This means that for both the Finns and the Red Army a pledge of £60 for a platoon gets you around £250 in miniatures.

As bargains go in this day and age, I doubt we will see one quite like this for a while...

Gav Tyler at Baker Company has been very responsive in developing the Kickstarter with his customers, ensuring unit compositions are corrected when wrong, allowing customers to decide which Anti-Tank gun would be produced etc.

What is really good is that he has agreed that any stretch goal you don't want can be swapped for a section of infantry of the same nation, and any vehicle you don't want can be swapped for either an infantry section or truck. Good stuff.

Having decided to opt for a Finnish and Soviet platoon earlier on in the Kickstarter, the sheer value for money here has me pondering whether to double up and get platoons in summer uniforms, swapping out some of the items that don't need duplicating (I think I can do without four field kitchens!).

Why am I considering this? Well it is not really a case of shinyitous but thinking ahead.

I really want to do some winter games, I have plans to do some other wargames using snow terrain (and have always wanted to do Battle of the Bulge) so that is my starting point, I want a platoon of each in winter kit.

However, with an eye towards my WorldWar: 1940 project some early War Russians in summer uniforms would be quite useful and could face not only the 1941 Germans but also the 1939 Poles and Japanese. Some summer uniform Finns would be good for the Continuation War and may also be able to be converted into some other Axis allies.

And it is exceptionally  good value for money...

Painted Finnish Riflemen in Winter Uniforms (Baker Company)
If you haven't jumped on board and are a 28mm WW2 gamer give this some serious thought, even if you have not thought about a Finnish or early War Soviet army before.

Opting for the summer uniform option gives you a lot of potential use and you are unlikely to get quality miniatures this cheap again for a long time (or until Baker Company do their next Kickstarter!)

Painted Soviet Riflemen in Winter Uniforms (Baker Company)

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