Wednesday 16 October 2013

Charley's War - The End

The tenth and final volume of Titan's Charley's War reprints turned up today. A little sad that it is the conclusion but it does contain some of my favourite stories from my youth, starting in the summer of 1918 and the arrival of American troops through to the Russian Civil War (and a short depression era epilogue).

Joe Colquhoun's artwork of the battles against the Bolsheviks in Northern Russia is some of his best and the storyline revolving around the Red Colonel Spirondov's armoured train is quite exciting, although the conclusion is somewhat rushed.

I know many people look down their nose at "war comics" but Charley's War was something unique and special and has thoroughly deserved the excellent reprint treatment Titan have given it.

If you have any interest in the Great War I cannot do anything but recommend the series and suggest you try volume one. I will be truly surprised if Pat Mills story and Joe Colquhoun's artwork do not grab you, hook, line and sinker...


  1. hoping there's enough to do the ww2 stories as well with charlie's retreat to dunkirk , brilliant series of books im at 7 so far finding it hard to find the last few , there is a web page that has a lot of the action force comics on as well (blood for the baron)

  2. Expecting my copy today can't wait! Along with Johnny Red my favourite stories.


  3. Great series, though I'm a little disappointed that they're not going to do a volume for the Dunkirk campaign

  4. I remember this as a kid, simply outstanding!

    Cool post

  5. Charley´s war was (is) an excellent series