Friday 18 October 2013

Finland and Beyond...

Bravely battling a bout of manthrax kindly given to me by my son, I have resorted to the medicinal therapy of internet shopping today!

Participants in the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter have been voting on the next Baker Company project in April and with a few people left to vote it is neck and neck between the Norwegian Campaign and the Balkans. My preference is Norway, but I'd be happy with either, the 1941 Balkan Campaign is fascinating in itself and it would be great to see some European theatre Italians, Yugoslavs and Greeks...

However, with a view to an eventual Norway release (Gav has said he will do it, we're just voting which comes first), I have ordered a copy of Skirmish Campaigns Norway! booklet from Caliver, which contains ten scenarios that can be linked into two campaigns. The sample Encounter at Roa scenario here looks pretty good.

I also ordered the Finland Winter War booklet as well, to give me some ideas for what to do with the original Kickstarter miniatures when they turn up next year...

Right, now where's the Lemsip?


  1. Norway is a long ignored and fascinating campaign I think

  2. Norway is well worth doing. I find the whole campaign there interesting, but I guess it fits with my obsession with that country throughout history.