Monday 14 October 2013

SWAT Team 2136AD

I managed to grab a lunch break today and finished four of the Reaper NOVA Corp troopers which I am painting up as a C22nd SWAT team.

I think they have come up quite nice (for plastic figures) and the grey-blue/light grey scheme works well.

I still have several more to finish to complete the whole unit which I hope to finish this week,

I also revisited the commander figure and painted out the red helmet stripe and tried pale grey. It doesn't clash with the orange visor anymore but I'm still  not 100% sure.

2013 Painting Target: 435/365


  1. Wow! Cranking them out! I think the color change works.

  2. Nice painting. The red visors really make them pop.

  3. They're not at all bad! In fact, they look pretty good to me. Nice scheme.