Saturday 19 October 2013

Signs and Portents?

Today saw son and heir investigating the University of South Wales with me on taxi duty despite the lingering effects of the Manthrax.  Yesterday's retail therapy seems to have done the trick and I feel a lot better though...

Gav at Baker Company still has not told us which campaign will get the nod for the April Kickstarter, only that he spend £40 on books for both the Balkans and Norwegian Campaign! I think things are moving into alignment for Norway though, look what Osprey are releasing next February... :-)


  1. Unfortunately I am Kickstartered out! Too many kickstarters and not enough money time or storage space for them. But I agree this part of the war is not covered much by manufacturers. So I do wish you luck and hope that you get what you want from it.

    1. Well this won't be until next April Clint and if it is as good as the Winter War one it will be very good value for money (and Gav has despatched the first pledges ahead of schedule!)

    2. That Osprey is now on my to-buy list.
      And whatever Gav will Kickstart next year will be intersting. But with all the Winter War stuff I will have... the question is if I will be able to say no....

  2. "Today saw son and heir investigating the University of South Wales"

    While on the other side of the globe, father and daughter have been investigating the University of New South Wales!

  3. Norway would be do you help him make up his mind???

  4. Well at Gothic Line we are investing a lot on WW2 Dutch!