Tuesday 22 October 2013

French Foreign Legion in Dahomey II

Inspired by everyone's kind comments regarding yesterday's three legionnaires, I picked on three more Dixon Miniatures to subject to the Army Painter Strong Tone ink wash last night...

It is a terribly easy way of getting a decent effect, and whilst not the same as the same company's dip, it provides a great grubby look for on campaign miniatures.

Technique wise, after allowing the wash to dry (I slightly water it down on very light colours like the white to thin out and prevent unrealistic dark pooling in creases) I will lightly drybrush some items such tunics and helmets with the original paint colours to add a bit of relief.

For these miniatures I have not done that with the white, preferring to leave it stained and dirty looking...

In addition to the Army Painter ink wash I also used some Flames of War Brown Tone ink wash. I had thought it to be the same, just relabelled, but it is a slightly darker, less warm brown than the Army Painter one. I use this sparingly at the bottom of the trousers, on the rifles and around the edges any webbing.

2013 Painting Target: 441/365


  1. These look great! Looking forward to seeing them in action

  2. They don't look too far off the Legionnaires I saw in Djibouti recently!