Sunday 6 January 2013

(Zombie Month) The Undercoated Dead...

I hadn't intended to post work in progress posts of the Zombies but having made the second horde up and undercoated all 80 I thought they looked pretty impressive even in white undercoat!

I have decided not to wait for the Army Painter spray to come out in two weeks but go with Plan A and use the several pots of old GW Rotting Flesh I picked up before they redid their paint range. Hopefuly I will get the opportunity to start on this tomorrow.

I've actually managed to be a bit more productive today having, in addition to the above, undercoated the 24 French Foreign Legion Santa brought and based up the first Zulu regiment. They don't seem to look as dark as I thought (maybe I am getting used to them) and I will see if they need some odd highlights once I have finished the groundwork (all the clever kids like Saxon Dog appear to be adding odd highlights after the dip stage to great effect so I will keep this in mind).

Finally, in addition to the army running scores that I intend to post under specific projects going forward (I found it helpful with the Athenians when I was getting stir crazy with hoplite phalaxes) I have posted in the right hand column my 2013 Painting Target for the year - one miniature for each day of the year.

Obviously this doesn't mean one must be painted each day (otherwise I'm six down already!) but a target of at least 365 painted miniatures in 2013. I'm not differentiating between model sizes or scales so a cavalryman is the same as an infantryman which is the same as a tank (the only exception will be 6 or 10mm figures where one base will equate to one figure). We'll see how it goes...

Undead Army painted running total: 

0/182 infantry
0/16 cavalry
0/2 war machines


  1. WOW, that's a load of zombies - a 'shuffling of Zombies'.


  2. Good luck with the 365 miniatures.