Saturday 12 January 2013

New Osprey Catalogue

When I was a kid I used to look forward to the new Airfix catalogue, now I'm a big kid I look forward to the Osprey one! The new January to June 2013 one has just been released and has some interesting looking releases for the first half of the year.

In the Raid series The Fall of Eben Emael Belgium 1940 and Kill Hitler Operation Valkyrie 1944 look interesting, the latter maybe leading to some WW2 games with a difference. New Vanguard has a useful looking primer in the form of Warships of the Ancient World 3000–500 BC and no doubt Zaloga's forthcoming Tanks of Hitler’s Eastern Allies 1941–45 will of use. I am also looking forward to Russian Aces of World War One as coverage of a much ignored subject.

However it is there new non-historical series that may hit my wallet first. Dark Osprey following on from Zombies: A Hunter's Guide will release The Nazi Occult. The accompanying blurb says the book  "includes sections on the shadow war fought in the dying days of the Reich as the Nazis sought to stave off defeat through pacts with diabolic entities, attempts to preserve the Fuhrer’s brain, and the deployment of the strange flying saucers that battled to save the final Nazi stronghold in the Antarctic" Released in June, unsubtle hints for my birthday will have to be lodged with SWMBO!

Finally there is the new Myths & Legends series. This will be really interesting to see how good a job Osprey have done but both Jason and the Argonauts and The War of Horus and Set look really interesting.

Overall some really interesting looking titles to look forward to and no doubt inspiration for some new wargame projects!


  1. I'm really interested to see how Jason and the Argonauts and The War of Horus and Set turn out as well...

  2. Some fantastic books there, I could spend all my money there lone!
    But "Nazi Occult" has my name written all over it too and will be first :-)

  3. As someone who has always preferred his history blended with a bit of fantasy I'm looking forward to all of these new Myth-themed books. There's even on eon King Arthur due out later in the year that I'm keen to get my hands on.