Sunday 27 January 2013

Space Marine Attack Bikes

Clearing the workbench is certainly proving fruitful (if not a little embarrassing) no more so in finding these two Space Marine Attack Bikes. They hadn't been finished as I was waited for some rounded resin bases of a suitable size to arrive (which they did and got misplaced).

I've now married the two together and Saul's Space Marine army now has another fast attack option.

Wonder what I will find next?


  1. Very nice the look to and those bases are perfect no wonder you waited for them.

  2. Those bases really finish them off! Nice though, these are the old metal-plastic hybrid kits... One of my first ever kits, my dad built it with UHU Glue! I am always reminded of it whenever I catch a whiff of the stuff!

  3. What are the measurements of that base?

  4. What are the measurements of that base?