Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions!

A couple of months back I sat down and drew up a list (from memory) of all the outstanding wargames projects I had on the go and found that if I spent one month on each, I had at least five and a half years worth. Given my memory is not the best I guess ten years might be safer!

So where to start? Well, when I do a specific project month exercise I usually am successful (cough-zulus-cough) I am resolving myself to recommencing this methodology in 2013. With this in mind I am setting myself some targets for this year...

1. Rescue the Games Room:

As part of a wider DIY/decorating exercise at Blease Towers I will be reclaiming and returning the games room to its primary function.

2. WW2 Project:

I have uncompleted WW2 projects in 28mm, 20mm, 15mm 1/144th and 6mm. I aim to complete one, not sure which though I have a hankering to do 28mm 1940 skirmishes...

3. Fantasy:

I need to paint some more Orcs but I have a lot of Undead and would like to paint the core of a large Undead army this year. Skeletons and zombies should not be too taxing...

4. SF:

Focus will be on Judge Dredd but I want to paint up some more 6mm for Iron Cow. Whilst I didn't want to start a new project I already know Mongoose have me hook, line and sinker with the forthcoming Rogue Trooper Kickstarter.

5. Ancients:

2012's great success was finishing the Athenian army so 2013 must be the Spartans. I would also like to make some headway on the Romans and Celts but primary focus is on the Spartans despite Santa bringing some nice shiny new Roman accessories.

6. Colonial:

I want to finish the Zulu War project (despite Santa delivering some shiny new French Foreign Legion that may end up on Mars!)

Even as I am typing this I am mentally trying to add things in but I must be strong, this is a marathon not a sprint! Be disciplined Blease!!!


  1. 28mm WW2 French for the win! Heh, I have abotu 28 of these buggers on my work table right now pending some final work before primer and painting. I have to convert a medic and spotter.

    1. I have a small collection of 1939-40 BEF, French and Poles waiting to be painted...

  2. I too have the WW2 in multiple scales dillemma. Think 15mm is going to win though, for the moment anyway

    Rogue Trooper Kickstarter? Damn, thats got me interested too...

    All other projects look great too. Does Aquanef appear in the to do list anywhere mate? :-)

    1. There is a Wessex Games list as well but I'm keeping that under my hat for the moment!

  3. Happy New Year Steve!

    Of that list, I imagine that the first may be the toughest to achieve - SWMBO may have other ideas for that room ;)

  4. Happy New Year dude, I agree the first may be difficult to get it past her. Look forward to your WW2 projects and the Dredd project

  5. Steve -

    Mars nécessite plus de Français...

    Happy New Year!

  6. Good luck with the projects, especially rescuing the Games Room. It would be No.1 on my list too!

    Happy New Year, hope it's a good one.