Tuesday 8 January 2013

Zulu War: The Evil Omen

Usuthu! Tremble white man as the uMbonambi march!

I managed to grab half an hour to finish my first Warlord Games Zulu regiment this lunchtime. Unfortunately the light is pretty crap so apologies if the pictures aren't too good (I have played with them in iPhoto but...)

This first regiment is the unmarried uMbonambi (The Evil Omen), raised in 1863 and present at Isandlwana (22nd January 1879), Kambala (29th Match 1879), Gingindlovo (2nd April 1879) and Ulundi (4th July 1879).

I have based them in groups of five on 80x40mm bases, apart from one group of two and one of three each on a 40x40mm base. Overall I'm fairly happy with them. They look good en masse but I think I can do better and will learn from mistakes. I am still debating some highlights but will wait until the weather (and natural light is better) before deciding whether this is necessary.

 Zulu Army painted running total: 

 30/288 infantry


  1. While the zulu theme is cool, (great work BTW), I think that would crack my sanity.

  2. Very nicely done. I like them alot.

  3. I think they will be quick to paint and then I realise all the work that's needed on the shields. Yours look tremendous!

  4. Taking pics in the N. European winter is depressing.

  5. Great stand of figures!