Wednesday 2 January 2013

January is... Zombie Month!

I've decided that for January I will focus my attentions on the big box of Mantic Zombies I picked up from North Star for a steal last year. The box contains sixty models (to add to thirty I already have) but they can be assembled using a spinal accessory into up to eighty if one likes half zombies. I'm planning three hordes of thirty-two at the moment (8 x 4) but am considering upping the size to thirty-five (7 x 5) or even forty (8 x 5). I have a few old Citadel metal models that I will dig out to see if they are compatible...

On the non-undead front I dipped my first regiment of Zulus yesterday but the end result was a tad disappointing as the dip was a bit gloopy and my addition of white spirit to the mix hasn't given the usual shiny and shaded look. I have added an Army Painter ink wash but they figures may be a bit too dark now. I intend to add some highlights to see if this improves matters but for what was supposed to be a rough and ready quick project, this is turning into a lot of effort. A fresh tin of dip has been ordered for the other Zulus and Undead...

Finally I cleaned and based the twenty-four Artizan French Foreign Legion SWMBO (Santa Who Must Be Obeyed) bought me as a Christmas present. Lovely figures, they did take a little while to clean up. This present has galvanised me to proceed with my ponderings on 28mm VSF and develop my own ruleset for Wessex Games. More detail on the genesis and development of these rules will be posted here.


  1. Did you place the dip in warm water? I get thick thick dip as my room is in the unheated basement. I always need to warm it.

  2. I was going to suggest warming it up first as well. Look forward to seeing your zeds.

  3. Hi!

    Cant wait to see what new Wessex goodness you will develop next!

    All the best!