Friday 11 January 2013

French Foreign Legion Test Piece

SWMBO bought me a lovely box of Artizan Designs French Foreign Legion miniatures for Christmas which I earmarked for my Redcoats on Mars 28mm VSF project. These are not your typical blue greatcoated kepi wearing Beau Geste style infantry but pith helmet wearing white fatigue types suitable for North Africa, Madagascar, Tonkin and Mars(!).

Given the fact they are mainly white I decided I wanted to try out a new technique to help speed up the process given what a fussy colour white can be to paint and shade hence this test piece.

First off I undercoated the model white before painting it over with Army Painter Soft Tone dip (the idea being this would provide the shading). I then matt varnished it before painting the flesh and equipment in the three layers method from the darkest colour and then painting the uniform and helmet raised area pure white leaving the dip shading in the recesses.

Overall I think it has worked well and I happy with the end result given how quick the whole process took.

One down, twenty-three to go! :-)


  1. That method really gave you an excellent result - can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Look great Steve. Bring on the rest!

  3. I have a 'bijou emsemble' of these chaps myself...and very nice they are too.

    Mine are destined for the sweaty heartland of 'Darkest Africa' but I'll definately be following your approach, when it comes to painting them up.

    Not bad at all!

    ..or as ma femme would say 'Pas mal'

    Zut alors!

  4. Quite nice, yes. Though I prefer the Beau Geste look, personally, you have done an excellent job of painting here, and a good technique. Hope it makes the rest as easy.