Monday 14 January 2013

Judge and Rookies

This lunchtime I polished off the final bits of work on the first of my Judge Dredd Kickstarter miniatures, Judge Dekker and two Rookie Judges.

I found researching Judge uniforms to be as arduous as Napoleonics, a situation made worse by the lack of a Justice Department Uniforms 2099 to 2135 from Osprey!

Not only are there various artistic differences between the artists who have drawn the series over the decades and uniforms changes (especially for Rookies), even the colour of the uniform ranges from black to royal blue! In the end I went with Carlos Ezquerra's black uniform, after all, he designed the character so his version should be the most accurate!

Actually I made a mistake with these particular miniatures. Not appreciating they would be in the Justice Department II box in the Kickstarter I purchased them as singles so have neded up with duplicates. However I have converted the extras to give me some more miniatures variants and they are next on the painting table.


  1. They look great, the bases are really nice as well.

  2. Nice choice! I remember seeing these uniforms when they first appeared in the Necroplis storyline and thinking, yes, black works! I painted my Judges in 1980's dark blue though, because that's how they were when I first started reading.

    1. Apparently it was always black but artists used blue as a shading mechanism as early printing wasn't able to do black like it can now. There is reference in early strips to the uniform and helmet being black, Fargo the trash king in the Judge Child refers to "death in black"

      That said I painted my GW Judged dark blue! :-)