Saturday 5 January 2013

(Zombie Month) How to Paint Zombies - Quickly...

Whilst I was pleased with the end result of my modern zombies painted last year and intended to replicate the process on my fantasy zombies I did a bit of web surfing and came across this excellent Speed Painting Tutorial on Dice and Brush. As you can see the end result is very impressive and if mine are half as good I will be happy.

The process is not too disimilar to what I intended to do other than the white eyes (very effective) and the use of Army Painter's Necrotic Flesh primer. Apparently this has been unavailable for a couple of years but as fate would have it is due to be re-released on the 19th of this month. Now I am in a quandry as whether to proceed as planned or wait till the primer is available. Decisions. decisions...

With SWMBO away this weekend I have sneaked the hobby into the lounge (as it is warmer!) and spent a goodly chunk of today making up the first 40 strong zombie horde using the Mantic plastics. Not as straight forward as I was anticipating as care had to be taken ranking the miniatures up. As I've got my head round this now hopefully the second unit won't take as long.

The Zombie sprue is interchangeable with the Ghoul one (to some extent) so I have swapped the legs around on a couple of models to add variety though only in the front rank. A unit of 18 Ghouls is being constructed alongside the Zombies.

Undead Army painted running total:

0/182 infantry
0/16 cavalry
0/2 war machines


  1. Sweet, I built a box myself as a cheap way of doing some zombie apocalypse games they aren't bad but your right they are tricky to rank up.

  2. Just love these models, looking forward to your own speed painting method.


  3. I really like the Mantic Imdead range, so I'm keen to see some nice views of the finished kit-bashes.

  4. Those look great! You can do it Steve!