Saturday 5 July 2014

WW3: WarPac PMM Ribbon Bridge

Whilst work has been progressing well on the 6mm October War project I have been casting my mind to the 6mm WW3 project using some of the models in 'Lead Mountain' and Mike Edwards Flames of War Moderns conversion.

One of the issues I wanted to resolve was basing effects. For the October War I have been using my standard desert sand painted Vallejo Middlestone drybrushed with Buff that I use on everything from 6mm to 28mm. For more temperate climes I use Vallejo Beasty Brown, drybrushed Buff with some static grass applied but didn't think the static grass would be right for 6mm.

Consequently I have been experimenting with a selection of Woodland Scenics and Jarvis flocks and fine turfs and have eventually settled on this 50/50 mix of Jarvis JFT 1 Premier Light Green Fine Turf and JFT 2 Premier Mid Green Fine Turf.

The models I painted up to stick on these experimental new bases are a set of 1/285th URAL 375's transporting a PMM Ribbon Bridge from the now defunct In Service Miniatures range, painted up in the generic Soviet/Warsaw Pact overall green.

Painting Target: 380/1000

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