Saturday 26 July 2014

ArcWorlde: Hobgoblins of the Gaulag Wastes III

I finished the final ArcWorlde Hobgoblin this afternoon, the Mounted Hobgoblin Honcho...

This is a lovely model mounted on some sort of Temple Dog type beast. The mount actually caused some problems painting as I decided I didn't my first brown paint job and repainted it in this more red brown look, which contrasts nicely with the base and the Hobgoblin flesh.

I'm thinking of painting the Jungle Gremlins of Chaq-Itza next, but might hold off if I can source some nice looking resin jungle bases for them. Having based the Hobgoblins on Gaulag Waste bases, I like the idea of themed bases for these small warbands and am now off to eBay to find suitable base designs.

Painting Target: 439/1000


  1. That is a really nice model. I like your paint job quite a lot! The whole piece has a gritty battle worn feel to it :)

  2. Very nice work. The paint scheme has a great gritty feel to it.

  3. Very nice. Really like the rusty armour look you have achieved, subtle but very effective.