Thursday 3 July 2014

October War: Israeli Mechanised Infantry Platoon

Today was new glasses day and after a few years of perching the specs on top of my head when reading or painting I decided to take the plunge with vari-faocals. Not too bad when reading but I almost threw up when painting as moving made head made the tabletop move like a wave! The opticians did say they will take a couple of weeks to get used to...

Anyhow, motion sickness issues aside I did persevere with the painting and finished the first batch of Israeli infantry for all those M3 half-tracks I painted earlier in the month. The miniatures are Heroics & Ros Israelis with the odd Soviet and West German thrown in to complete the  platoon.

IDF Command SMG Team

IDF Rifle MG Team
IDF 60mm Mortar Team 
Painting Target: 368/1000

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