Tuesday 1 July 2014

October War: Egyptian URAL 375 Trucks

Like many wargamers I have a soft spot for including some elements of the logistical tail in my wargames armies, even if they do not form any part of the army lists and just look pretty on the table (or in C20th games act as air strike bait!).

A rummage through 'Lead Mountain' led to the re-discovery of several modern URAL 375 trucks which I bought many moons ago. I thought they were C-in-C models but after a bit of investigation it appears they are OOP models from the now defunct In Service Miniatures (ISM).

ISM produced some really interesting models, including some that rather looked like GHQ ones with added kit (!). I can't recall when or where I picked up those I did and the quality varies from the good (like these URAL trucks) to the poor (the IMR Engineering vehicle I have), but they are useful and looking now at the range listed on Micro Armor Mayhem here, there are some great sets I wish I had bought (eg. the NBC Defence Unit)

Each pack contained five URAL 375 models so I decided to split them between the October War project and the future WW3 one, so painted up two of each pack in the Soviet two colour desert camouflage used by the Egyptians, Syrians etc.

The second ISM model was sold as a URAL 375 fueler, however I have not found any photos of a real vehicle with three fuel tanks like the model. The model C-in-C sells (and all the photos of real vehicles I have found) have one front to back fuel tank. Perhaps these are water containers?

Painting Target: 358/1000

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  1. These look great. The three tank URAL 375 may be for maintenance POL carrying water, oil and fuel. Just a thought.