Thursday 24 July 2014

ArcWorlde: Hobgoblins of the Gaulag Wastes I

Despite having two 6mm projects on the go, the urge to paint some of the ArcWorlde minis was too much, so I dug out one of the warbands to paint up - the Hobgoblins of the Gaulag Wastes.

These spear armed miniatures are Hobgoblin Runts and undoubtedly are the cannon fodder of the warband. I went with a simple basic look to them, using a swarthy green made from mixing and yellow and black together for the skin, as it provides a great contrast colour.

I'm not sure what  the Gaulag Wastes look like but I decided to try something different inspired by the volcanic black sand on the beaches of Sorrento using cat litter. I wasn't the easiest material to get to stick to the base as it was very absorbent and necessitated a wash of watered down PVA to ensure it remained where I wanted it. That said, I do like the end result.

Painting Target: 435/1000

1 comment:

  1. Nice work. Cat litter can be great as base filler, but I had a similar problem when using it on a large area and covered it with PVA, only to watch a lot of it dissolve.