Sunday 27 July 2014

AirWar C21: No. 1 Squadron Harrier GR.3's

Having decided I wanted to theme the bases on the ArcWorlde miniatures, that project has come to a grinding halt whilst a supply of resin bases and basing effects materials arrive. Looking around for something to paint, I spotted a batch of 1/300th modern aircraft which have lain in various half-painted states for a while now.

The models (Heroics & Ros I believe) had been purchased for a AirWar: C21 Falklands project using 1/300th aircraft and 1/600th ships but for some reason got pushed to the back of the painting table and subsequently onto a shelf.

First to be finished are these four Harrier GR.3's of No.1 Squadron RAF, which flew off HMS Hermes and later Port San Carlos during the war.

Painting Target: 443/1000


  1. Those look great...good colour match

  2. Those look awesome for a 1/300 scale aircraft! The detailing on them is nice, too.